How To Get New Customers Begins By Partnering With Them


Here’s how to get new customers for your clients; become partners with the market your client serves. How do you partner with prospects? In your marketing copy, show potential customers how they can use products and services to live their dreams. Living their dreams is what really matters to customers.

For example, suppose you sell boats. What is most important to people who like engaging in water activities? Engaging in water activities. Read this sample of engaging copy for water activity enthusiasts:

“Imagine the nearby lake with your name on it. It’s calling you out to play. When WAS the last time you enjoyed time away from the rat race? Ready to bob around in your boat and catch some rays or catfish? Let’s go!”

As a water activity enthusiast, what’s happening in your mind after reading the copy above? Dreaming about playing in the lake water? If so, you can really relate to what it says.

Engage, Entice, Excite The Mind!

Engaging copy talks all about what really matters to your target market. If your copy focuses on copy more about you, your company or your company’s offer, it bores potential prospects. Why? Because it’s all about YOU rather than them!

Don’t know how to write engaging copy?  That’s okay. I don’t know how to cook well.  (That’s why my husband is the cook in the family!)

No one can be all things to all people. If you want to know how to get new customers, you need someone who knows how to talk in engaging ways to your target market.

I am a professionally trained AWAI copywriter.  The secret to writing interesting, compelling, engaging copy begins and ends with practicing and developing the engagement skill. Here’s what some of my students and clients have to say about what they learned in our training sessions. (If you don’t have time to train yourself in copywriting, I can write the marketing copy for you.


Contact me right now at [email protected]  – Hugs, Susan



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